why the hell are toilets so loud?!! like i’m half asleep and then i flush and it’s like a fucking mariachi band just started playing in my house at 3 am

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    When I first found out I was having a baby, I broke down. I was so scared, I was so confused. It was too early and I wasn’t finished growing up. I was so afraid of what it would do to our relationship. Would this situation make us stronger as a couple or make us resent each other from the stress and disagreements? I was so afraid to lose him. As time went on, I began to feel such anxiety and excitement. I couldn’t wait to meet something I had created out of love. I couldn’t wait to meet someone that had some attributes of myself and of the person I loved. Henryk was a reflection of me. Some days the situation made us hate each other, other days it made us feel closer than ever. We had something physically bonding us together. A child. After losing the baby, I’m closer to him now more than ever. We’ve grieved together, he sat with me through the pain of labour, and he’s never left my side even once.

    Our parents both love us together, we’ve both met each other’s entire families, and he always makes me realize that I can be a better person than I give myself credit for. He’s everything I’ve ever wanted and more. Nothing is better than waking up beside him. In a couple of months, I’ll be able to experience it everyday. February. I’ll be waiting.




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    Nicole Richie taught me how to be a friend


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    I’m never this open with my life on tumblr, or any social media but I couldn’t help but know this isn’t the type of situation I would want people at school hearing through other people’s mouths but my own. Two days ago, I went to the emergency room scared out of my mind. I was supposed to be 11 weeks pregnant, and I was experiencing a little bit of bleeding and sharp pains. 7 hours later worth of blood tests and talking to doctors, I received the terrible news that my baby had passed away. My whole world had stopped.

    I had finally grown the courage to get my life in order after hearing the unexpected news that I was having a baby. I knew I was too young but I also knew I could do it as long as I had him by my side. I was so determined to give this child the best environment to grow in. I had the blessings of our parents and their full support. I had already started getting things for the baby. I was taking school more seriously and continuously communicating with my teachers. I was going to do co-op at the daycare my baby was going to be staying in during the day while we were both at work/school. He/She was already on the waiting list at a daycare. I was so prepared to finally take responsibility and try to be the caring, loving mother that my mom was to me. All of that slipped away from my reach against my will.

    This situation has made me realize how much I’ve taken for granted and how much I’ve stressed over the most irrelevant things since elementary school. Boys, petty drama, getting mad at my parents over the stupidest things.. All of that means nothing to me now. None of that means anything when you begin to try to provide for your family, to take responsibility for someone other than yourself, or when you finally realize you will never move forward in life until you motivate yourself to change your ways. Life only hits you when you lose something unwillingly that you cherished and loved so dearly. This shouldn’t be the case. We should be cherishing what we have everyday, no matter what. I guess what I’m trying to get at is.. Be thankful for everything you have. For everyone you have. For your family, friends, loved ones. You never know when they will slip away from you.





    What I do?

    When that baby walks away with her hand in the air sayin “OKAY” is me

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